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UFC 126- Silva vs. Belfort

February 5th, 2011

UFC 126!!!!!

So here we are again saying “could this be the fight that ends the reign of Anderson Silva as Champion”?   If you know anything about UFC you know that ya never know, however Vitor Belfort is arguably one of the most explosive fighters of the middle weight division- with some serious knock out power that has taken out people such as Rich Franklin, Matt Lindland, Wanderlei Silva, Tank Abbot, Terry Martin, to name a few!
But I must say as much as Vitor gets my pussy juices flowing, I still want Anderson to keep his belt on this one.  I think tonights match should be very entertaining since Anderson should be under some extra pressure tonight after coming back from his dramatic near loss to Chael Sonnon.

As for Forrest Griffin  vs.  Rich Franklin  —>C’mon!!!!
I hate seeing two of my favorite fighters fighting each other especially when they both so desperately need the win.  They’re not just two of my favorite fighters but two of the most upstanding guys in the UFC.  Watching a fight like this is never easy.  However, it feels like we haven’t seen Forrest fight in so long, I’m anxious to see what he is going to bring to the octagon.  His fighting technique and style is so unique that it’s always a roller coaster to watch him fight,  especially since he gets better as the fight goes on which is much different than most fighters.  It seems other fighters get burnt out but Forrest gets this weird, awkward possessive energy and just fights through anything.  Another fighter like that is Chris Leben.   I love the guys who fight better through blood!!!  On a side note, who in the world thought Leben was gonna lose that last fight??  OMG!

Jon Jones  vs.  Ryan Bader

Jones all the way!!!!  Sorry Bader lovers, but I don’t get it.  I’m not interested in another thick, boring, wrestler type meat head fighter.
Don’t get me wrong- I think Ryan Bader shows talent and class, but is just boring to me for some reason.  Especially when there are madmen such as Jon Bones Jones coming up!  This guys elbows are insane and should be illegal!  Speaking of that- what do you guys think of the losing decision he took from his fight with Matt Hammell??  Do you think his elbows are too violent or what??

As always- I look forward to your comments guys!  I hope you have a great time watching the fights!!!


Jake Ellenberger  vs.  Carlos Eduardo Rocha

Miguel Angel Torres  vs.  Antonio Banuelos

Donald Cerrone  vs.  Paul Kelly

Chad Mendes  vs.  Michihiro Omigawa

Paul Taylor  vs.  Gabe Ruediger

Norifumi Yamamoto  vs.  Demetrious Johnson

Kyle Kingsbury  vs.  Ricardo Romero

Mike Pierce  vs.  Kenny Robertson

UFC 121- Lesnar vs. Velasquez

October 23rd, 2010

So we’re finally here at UFC 121!!!

I can’t believe what I’m about to say in the post for the first time EVER…..I want Brock Lesnar to win!!!  WTF???

I know.  For those of you who have read my other Blogs, you know how much I’ve insulted and hoped for this guys demise.  But not this time.  For once he’s actually fighting someone I can’t stand more than him.  The brown pride racist Cane Valesquez.    I love my mexican fighters, but not with insulting tattoos that would be unacceptable if they said “white pride”.  Enough said on that subject.

His tattoo aside, this guy is beyond unbelievably talented with just monsteorus strength and ability.  Plain put….the way he handles a punch only to come back and destroy and dominate are downright scary!!!!

This fight is going to be interesting to say the least.  I mean what can I possibly say here…..there are two man apes stepping into the octagon tonight.  No matter what happens, it will be sure to tickle my pussy like no other!

As for Tito Ortiz tonight…..I thought he was kicked out of the UFC after the Ultimate Fighter?
I have to say, I somehow grew a liking to Tito after the TUF show.  I liked how he actually cared to train his team….etc…

I hope he wins tonight only because it’s been awhile, but I really do like Matt Hammill.  That’s a tough one for the emotions…wah!
I hope Diego Sanchez goes NUTS tonight!!  I’m excited to see how his return will be.  He got so destroyed by BJ and it has me thinking it broke him possibly??   I hope tonight he makes Joe Rogan make one of those comments about how getting the shit kicked out of you can make you rethink your game and come back stronger.  Let’s hope!!!
Oh…and I hope Gabriel Gonzaga get’s slaughtered….and yes it’s because of what he did to my Mirko!!!

Love you guys!!!!!  Let me know what you think of the fights when they’re done!!!



The Fights:

Brock Lesnar  vs.  Cain Velasquez

Jake Shields  vs.  Martin Kampmann

Diego Sanchez  vs.  Paulo Thiago

Tito Ortiz  vs.  Matt Hamill
BOTH!!!!  (tito a little more..)

Brendan Schaub  vs.  Gabriel Gonzaga

Court McGee  vs.  Ryan Jensen

Patrick Cote  vs.  Tom Lawlor

Mike Guymon  vs.  Daniel Roberts

Sam Stout  vs.  Paul Taylor

Chris Camozzi  vs.  Dongi Yang

Jon Madsen  vs. Gilbert Yvel

UFC 118 Edgar vs. Penn 2

August 28th, 2010

First UFC in Boston aka Bean Town and it’s about time!!!!!  I know Kenny Florian would agree :)

Finally, Boston has allowed the UFC to come and host their amazing event in their big city.  I just wish I was still living there to be a part of it!  For those of you who don’t know, I lived in Boston for over 3 years before i moved to Los Angeles to start my adult film career.  Boston is such a beautiful city full of culture and history and there are times I miss it so much but…. this blog is not about me lol it is about UFC 118!

So, I have a feeling this line up is going to be insane!  There is just a certain energy in the air in Boston that is going to rile these boys up!  If this line-up can even 75% compare to UFC 117 I will be happy!  I mean that line-up was nuts, all the fights were insane and the Sonnen vs. Silva fight just blew my mind!

***Randy Couture vs. James Toney***

As for the Randy Couture, James Toney fight, I think there is a lot of mixed emotions on how this boxer champ is going to hold up in the octagon especially against the legend Randy Couture.  Although, some may think Couture is old and frail, he is still in excellent condition and I’ve heard some rumors about Mr. Toney.

I mean what do I really know, but when I was shooting a scene recently at private boxing club, the owner of the club had said that Toney was fighting some of his boxers and beyond got schooled!  Said he looked horrible and there was no way in hell he stood a chance against Couture.  Again, I’m not a boxing type of girl so I don’t know, but I think it’s also a little disrespectful to come into to the UFC as a one dimensional boxer and think you are just going to take control.  Yes, you can get lucky with your stand up but you are still one dimensional!!!  Well, who really knows but I’d like to see James Toney embarrassed and knocked on his ass by Couture.  Nothing personal other than I love the UFC and am really not a fan of boxing or people who think that it is so superior to MMA.

I’ve had boxing fans tell me that MMA/UFC fighters are just a bunch of homos who like to roll around on the ground with other guys!  Really??  Really? How fucking uneducated could you possibly be?  Again, like I’ve always said and I’m sure this is probably Joe Rogan or someone’s quote, UFC is a physical chess match.  If you think it’s just guys rolling around on the ground and are bored to death by watching it,  then you don’t know the skill that you are looking at!!!

***Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn***

It seems like we just saw this fight lol.  As we always know,  you never know what’s gonna happen in a fight but I think this is gonna be another 5 rounder but with Penn as the winner this time.  According to BJ’s camp, the last fight he had against Edgar he wasn’t feeling up to par.  Supposedly he was battling a sinus infection and taking antibiotics etc etc which is why his performance wasn’t stellar.  I mean he did seem off but I also think that he didn’t take Frankie as seriously as he should have and Frankie trained like a warrior.

I think Dana White is playing favorites on this one and giving BJ another shot for whatever baby excuse he has.  The guy’s an outstanding fighter but he’s always got an excuse.  Hopefully, we see a different fight than last time and BJ get’s his act together.

***Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard***

So, jeez.  We always know that I root for Kenny Florian any time he is fighting.  I don’t want to sound repetitive to all my other blogs where he has been mentioned, but I love this guy.  He is just an all around humble, respectful, wonderful person who happens to be an amazing fighter that grows everyone time he enters the octagon.  On a personal girlie note, I’ll always remember a tweet that Kenny posted saying that he was hanging out at his parents house making a toy for his dog.  A guy who likes dogs, is a guy for me!

On a fighter stand point, this is gonna be a great match-up.  Kenny is awesome but Gray Maynard is a tough opponent as well.  He has the fasted T.K.O.  against Joe Versus, worked as assistant coach to Forrest Griffin during the TUF Rampage vs. Griffin season and has gone against some great fighters and dominated.  Whoever takes this win will get a shot at the lightweight belt.  I think Maynard will get his time and hope Kenny takes it.  He’s been in the game longer and it’s time for his shot again.

***Nate Diaz vs. Marcus Davis***

It’s always an entertaining fight when you throw a Diaz brother into the mix.  Besides being pure entertainment outside of the ring, leading up to and after lol, these boys now how to fight.  Little Nate Diaz is such a determined little fuck with a street brawler edge.  I just love the pants off of him!  I gotta say I think Diaz is gonna take this one.  Davis is good but just is never exciting.  To me he is just there.  I never really get  amped up about Davis’s fights unless he’s fighting an opponent I really love or loathe.  So my bets on scrappy Diaz for this one.

I can not wait!  As always, I love to hear your post-fight comments too.  Enjoy the fights and let me know what you think!



The other fights……

Maia vs. Miranda

Lauzon vs. Reudiger

Winner vs. Lentz

Miller vs. Salter

Osipczak vs. Soto

Pierce vs. Alvez

UFC 116- Lesnar vs. Carwin

July 3rd, 2010

Here it is!  The fight we’ve all been waiting for!  Or at least the fight I’ve been waiting for ! :)

It’s been long over due seeing Lesnar back in the ring after his mysterious illness that was rumored going to kill him or never let him fight again, blah blah oh he’s such a hero.  Well, now supposedly against doctors orders he’s back and ready for more.  I don’t just want, I NEEEEEDDD Shane Carwin to knock out this over sized, cocky, oafy, diaper baby, meat-head and put him out for good!  This oaf should have never been in the UFC and should have stuck to his fake world of macho drama in the WWE.  For all of you haven’t read my blogs in the past, I think you obviously get the point that I cant stand this milk fed moron Brock Lesnar.

I think Shane Carwin is the man for this job… taking down the oaf that is.  If for some odd reason God decides to punish me and Carwin  doesn’t beat Lesnar, than I think Cain Velasquez really should be the next guy to have his try at this ding bat we call the Champion right now.

Can I just remind everyone that he is like a thousand pounds heavier than all of his opponents and the only reason he got the title is because he had to fight fighters 60 pounds lighter than him because they couldn’t just make a weight class for one oaf?! Uggghhh this guy just sucks!

Anyway, the rest of the night looks pretty good too.  A lot of evenly matched fights that hopefully should be good.  Sometimes when I think that it is a good match up though, the two fighters are too similar that they end up neutralizing each other out in a sense.  So I’m hoping for some super exciting fights!

I’m gonna keep this one short because all I really can focus on is Lesnar getting destroyed tonight!!!

Hope you all enjoy the fights my little UFC love bugs!



Here is the line-up for the night….!

Brock Lesnar  vs.  Shane Carwin

Yoshihiro Akiyama  vs.  Chris Leben

Chris Lytle  vs.  Matt Brown

Krzysztof Soszynski  vs.  Stephan Bonnar

George Sotiropoulos  vs.  Kurt Pellegrino

Brendan Schaub  vs.  Chris Tuchscherer

Kendall Grove  vs.  Goran Reljic

Seth Petruzelli  vs.  Ricardo Romero

Gerald Harris  vs.  Dave Branch

Daniel Roberts  vs.  Forrest Petz

Jon Madsen  vs.  Karlos Vemola

UFC 113 Machida vs Shogun 2

May 8th, 2010

UfC 113

UFC 113!!!!

Koscheck  vs Daley
One of my very favorite fighters Josh Koscheck is fighting tonight.  He always makes my night!  Besides being a great fighter he’s also very entertaining to watch!!
Although he sometimes reminds me of tweety bird, there’s something about the guy that draws me to him – maybe it’s his cocky personality, his crazy hair or maybe the way  he’s like an overgrown child with a great, rock hard body body!

The only problem with Koscheck fighting on this card is that it’s against Paul Daley.  I really think Daley is a strong contender and has been proving himself in the UFC more and more these days and I don’t want to see Josh used as a stepping stone for Daley to move up in his  career.  …..and those elbows scare the shit out of me!!!
I can’t say anything bad about him, but I wish I could because I’m afraid he’s going to possibly slaughter my Joshy!!!

Machida vs. Shogun!
Obviously, with doubts that Machida even deserved to keep his belt in his last fight, I want to see an explosive and dominating performance from him, as I’m sure we all do.
I really hope that Machida doesn’t fall into the category Anderson Silva was put into being that they’re both such similar fighters (and best friends),  and their last two performances have been commented as being not conclusive nor dominant wins.  In other words, their illusive styles can work against them sometimes.

Unfortunately what people consider entertaining is constant obvious action.  While others who understand a bit more of what’s going on, can tolerate less obvious action because of their knowledge of the subtle actions taking place ie; timing and sizing out their opponent, tiring out their opponent, letting them make seemingly more aggressive moves that end up being used against them, etc….
In other words….”Strategy”!!!

That being said, I am forced to agree with most others that Andersons last performance was plain odd and somewhat stupid!!
While Machida’s….well let’s just say it has only happened once so far, and tonight will be the night he can hopefully better define the win.

Kimbo Slice vs Ding Bat Matt Mitrione:
Being part of the Reality Kings family for the past 3 years, I obviously am a huge supporter of Kimbo.  He’s got such heart and determination and I’m glad he is finally in the UFC and working on his ground game.  I hope he can redefine himself again as a SERIOUS threat!!

It should be interesting to see him fight Ding Bat Matt Mitrione.
The guy was such a baboon on The Ultimate Fighter Show. He thought he was so cool because his oddness threw people off and intimidated them.  In reality, what throws people off  is that he acts like such a dummie that people don’t expect any intelligent moves to come out of him.
I must say, he did do very well in his last fight though…but I still think he’s just a dummie with retard strength.

Cote vs. Belcher
Belcher has recently impressed the pants off of me and Patrick is always pretty solid… I don’t have any interesting insight on this fight or witty remarks so I just hope it’s good!

As always guys, I hope you all enjoy the fight and your weekend a much as I will! Maybe when my site is up and running we’ll watch it together on my live web cam. I am sooo close to being live, I promise!!

I love all my fans so much so know that I’m working hard to make it just right for you guys.



UFC 113 fight card:

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida  vs.  Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

Josh Koscheck  vs.  Paul Daley

Sam Stout  vs.  Jeremy Stephens

Kimbo Slice  vs.  Matt Mitrione

Patrick Cote  vs.  Alan Belcher

Marcus Davis  vs.  Jonathan Goulet

TJ Grant  vs.  Johny Hendricks

Yoshiyuki Yoshida  vs.  Mike Guymon

Nick Catone  vs.  Jon Salter

UFC 111 St. Pierre vs Hardy

March 27th, 2010

Well it’s about time GSP got his ass back in the Octagon!

I haven’t been keeping up on my UFC homework, but I believe he had a groin injury from his last fight with Thiago Alvez that has kept him from fighting for awhile.

I remember after that fight George saying one of the reasons was because of Dana White switching the order of fights around last minute, as they seem to for some reason on fight nights.  He said because his fight was moved to an earlier time, he didn’t get a chance to go through his entire stretching and warm up routine going in,  and as a result damaged his groin.
Nice going Dana!!

The important thing is that he is back and hopefully going to kick Dan Hardy’s ghey ass, lame assed, mohawk assed, ASS!  lol

Ugh, I can’t stand this cocky English prick!  However again, as I always must say about the opponents I’m not fans of personally….I believe he is a seriously underrated contender…who MIGHT just be the guy to pull off taking St. Pierre’s title….and I am fearful of that tonight!

I have seen Dan Hardy take some SERIOUS punches like nothing even happened…besides having the capabilities to hit VERY VERY HARD… (like the cocks I like sucking on- tee hee ;)

I understand also that Hardy has been training for awhile now with Eddie Bravo here in LA at his studio.  As some of you may know…Eddie is the inventor of the “rubber guard” as well as a whole different style and technique of fighting.  He’s quite brilliant in this field.  He used to do a bit of commentating on the UFC fight nights a few years ago, but they stopped having him on.  I think one of the reasons was because they would turn to him for his opinions of the fights and a lot of his comments were scoring comments that would end up being in disagreement with the judges.
But that’s just my observation of what happened….don’t quote me as that being the reason!

A quick funny story…a few years ago, when I knew nothing about the UFC at all, I actually met and hung out with Eddie.  It was after seeing Joe Rogans stand up comedy show in Hollywood.- who I must add, is one of THE funniest comedians around!  Afterward, we all went out to eat, etc, etc…  It’s just strange how at the time I just thought he was some friend of Joe’s…no biggie.  And now it’s like OMG it’s Eddie Bravo!!!  Funny how that works sometimes.

Anyways, so tonight is going to be BIG and I can’t wait!!  And I can’t wait to talk to you guys after the fights to hear your comments…so again…please write in!!

As for the Ben Saunders vs  Jake Ellenburger fight….

I must say again how much I am thankful for the Ultimate fighter show for giving us a deeper insight into the fighters character and personality.  I mean let’s face it, besides enjoying these guys skills, (and bodies once in awhile :) , we also want to root for someone who’s character we like as well.  Or by contrast, we want to root for the guys we can’t stand to be slaughtered in front of us!!

With that  being said…let me say how much I am rooting for this Ben Saunders or “Killa B” as he calls himself, to be slaughtered like a victim of Jason Vorhees in a Friday the 13th movie!

Ugh, what a serious douche.  Of course, he is a good fighter…..wah wah.  God I really HATE having to be fair and say it, when guys I can’t stand are good fighters!!  Can you tell?? lol

This is horrible because there are WAY too many good fights I need to comment on for tonight, but I have to go as I’m being rushed out the door by ass holes, so please forgive me!

Also, sorry, I haven’t been blogging enough for you guys!  I promise I have been shooting for my upcoming that will come out before I turn 70,  so look for it soon!

In the mean time, I really like when you guys write me on here- as it makes me come to my blog more often, so please do!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

Hugs & Kisses!!


Fight card for UFC 111:

Georges “Rush” St-Pierre  vs  Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy
Please win George!

Frank Mir  vs  Shane Carwin
Ugh, I guess win Frank so we can see you hopefully take out Cain Velasquez!

Ben “Killa B” Saunders  vs   Jake Ellenberger
Please lose Ben, I can’t stand looking at your goofy looking face, especially when you win. You look like a donkey.

Jon Fitch  vs  Thiago The Pitbull” Alves
Eww..good fight this is gonna be…I’d like to see Jon get a win here though.

Jim Miller  vs  Mark Bocek

Nate Diaz  vs  Rory Markham
I luve Nate Diaz!!

Ricardo Almeida  vs   Matt Brown
Ugh, Matt Brown is so overrated…but he’s growing on me…I guess “go Matt”…(deflated tone)

Kurt Pellegrino  vs  Fabricio Camoes

Rodney Wallace  vs  Jared Hamman

Rousimar Palhares  vs  Tomasz Drwal

Matthew Riddle  vs  Greg Soto

UFC 108- Evans vs. Silva

January 2nd, 2010
UFC 108

Evans vs Silva

Happy New Year and welcome to the new decade!!!  I have a feeling this year is going to be great and I hope it brings you all much love, happiness, success and good health… and of course the launch of lol!  Now onto UFC 108…

Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva:I have mixed feelings on this one in comparison to the originally planned fight- Evans vs Jackson.  Why?  Because I found myself creaming in my panties dreaming about Rashad knocking the fuck out of Rampage during the Ultimate Fighter show last season and couldn’t wait to see it become a reality.But of course idiot/wanna-be funny guy (Rampage) thought he was going to run off to “Hollywood” and become the next big star because he landed some lame part in an up coming lame movie- and dropped out of the UFC.  (yes i’m aware he’s planning to return- wow shocker)

So, here we are talking about Rashad vs Thigao Silva instead.  All the same in some ways I suppose…. although Thiago doesn’t make my body hurt with annoyance as much as Rampage…he still does urk the crap out of me with his stupid thumb across the neck thing he does after he wins a fight… what is that?  Ugh…stupid!

All in all I do respect Thiagos skills in the octagon and expect to see a seriously exciting fight between these guys.

As I have said before….it’s amazing what you can learn about these fighters once they’re on the UF show.I really didn’t care much for Rashad before he was a coach.  But after watching…I think he’s one of the best coaches I’ve seen on the show in a awhile.  True spirit and heart.  He really was into making these guys as good as they could be.  Even if they weren’t on his team!!
Jackson just embarrassed himself- and I believe insulted the sport.Another interesting dynamic to this fight is that both of these fighters only loses seem to be against the ever elusive Lyoto Machida- one of my favs!

Dustin Hazelett vs. Paul Daley:

Dustin Hazelett is an amazing submissionist and anyone who knows Paul Daley knows that he is going to do anything he can to keep this fight standing.  It’s the classic grappler vs striker match up on this one.  This should be fun to see!

Tonight’s Fights:

Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva

Dustin Hazelett vs. Paul Daley

Joe Lauzon vs. Sam Stout

Jim Miller vs. Duane Ludwig

Junior Dos Santos vs. Gilbert Yvel

Martin Kampmann vs. Jacob Volkmann

Cole Miller vs. Dan Lauzon

Mark Munoz vs. Ryan Jensen

Mike Pyle vs. Jake Ellenberger

Rafaello Oliveira vs. John Gunderson

I would comment more about the other fights, but I didn’t start writing this until late today…and I actually have to get ready to watch them!!

Hope you guys have a good time tonight!Please leave your comments and opinions before and after the fights- I want to hear from you guys!!!Love,


UFC 107 Penn vs Sanchez

December 9th, 2009


Unbeaten at 155 pounds for nearly eight years, BJ Penn has ruled the light weight division with an iron fist, finishing top contenders Joe Stevenson, Sean Sherk, and Kenny Florian along the way.  “The Prodigy” will face any challenger as willing as he is to leave it all on the line in The Ultimate Fighter season finale one Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez, who has reinvented himself as a relentless cardio machine that won’t stop moving forward until he wears the UFC championship belt around his waist.

UFC 107 is almost too much to take in- where do I begin?

BJ “The Prodigy” Penn  vs  Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez-
This is such a good match-up!   On one hand I’m guessing this fight could go 5 rounds, however sometimes Diego’s psychotically explosive beginnings are just too much for some to handle. Not to mention the fact that BJ has not been known for being able to survive very well after a few rounds.

I can’t say I’ve always been a fan of either one of these fighters.  At first I couldn’t stand Diego’s eccentric oddities.  I hated how he came in so “wanna-be” spiritual and weird and blah.   It just seemed so fake.

But over time, seeing him fight and in interviews- I realized he’s the real deal and very genuine.  A real genuine weirdo lol !
And a really awesome fighter!

I think a part of my dislike for him was also based on how he and Josh Koscheck had a beef- so being a huge Koscheck fan I wanted to have his back….(so maybe he would have mine one day!  :) )

As for BJ- again, I really couldn’t handle his cock-headed attitude on the Ultimate fighter show.  And I liked Jens Pulver- so kind of the same deal here as above. Btw- whatever happened to Jens Pulver?  Anyone who knows please comment!

Now that BJ Penn has become much more serious about his training and diet he seems like he’s definitely ready to dominate.

Both of these fighters are now on the top of my list of “must sees”.  They are fantastic and this should make for an amazing fight!

I’d have to say I would rather see Diego take the win though.  It just seems right- he deserves to finally be recognized a bit more.

Frank Mir  vs  Cheick Kongo

Frank Mir’s Jiu Jitsu vs Congo’s fierce striking…..this outta be interesting.
Frank Mir really impressed me during his fight with Nogueira, but it seems in retrospect maybe that win should be re-considered seeing how it turns out Nogueira was supposedly at the weakest point in his career due to a nasty staph infection.

Mir is another one that really annoyed the shit out of me during The Ultimate Fighter show.  It ‘s funny how much you can learn about these guys from that show.  I thought he was a big arrogant baby, and it made me really respect Nogueira.  I think what I like best about Mir is that he’s the only one who has ever beat the great white gorilla- Brock Lesnar.

As for Kongo, I really really hope he can shine in this fight.  He needs it so bad after being thrown around like a street hooker by Cain Velasquez.  That fight was so awful and amazing to watch!

If you know me, you know how I feel about Cain Velasquez and his whole Mexican/brown pride thing.  Don’t get me wrong- I love all countries and all races- but I abhor anyone who comes to a country seeking a better life and throws another countries flag and heritage in my face.
It’s a cliche, but it’s the truth:  If it’s so great there, then go back!
I welcome anyone to come to the great melting pot aka USA, but you need to MELT!!!   You don’t see me displaying Italian, Polish, German Flags all over myself or writing “white pride” across my tits do you?
That’s because I’m an American- plain and simple.  This is where I live, therefore this is who I am.

Wow sorry, lol, it sounds like I just took a little Glenn Beck break there for a second- sorry guys- back to the fights- lol…..

That being said, I am forced by his seriously scary talent to say, I think Cain Velasquez has the potential to be one of the only people capable of taking out Brock Lesnar.  He is so friggin good I am almost having a difficult time writing anything else but that!
I think the guy might be about as close to a perfect package as a fighter as someone can get, and it’s so early in his career!
I just want to refer him to my tattoo removal place so he can get rid of that stupid ink on his chest so I can enjoy watching him! lol

Kenny Florian  vs  Clay Guida-
Ok wow, wow, wow- this is going to be so intense, fast and chaotic!!  If you know me, you know I have serious love for my east coast hero Kenny Florian, but I also have some serious respect for Clay Guida.  Such great fighters.

Not too much to say here on this one, it almost speaks for itself if you’ve ever watched these guys.  Both could use the win, but neither are desperately in need.  Goes without saying that I’m rooting more for Kenny, but I really don’t want to see either guy lose when they’re both so lovable!  (I love Clay in those Geiko commercials too!  So funny!) jk

Here are some of the other fights btw…. I won’t torture you with my girly comments on each one :)

Jon Fitch vs Mike Pierce

Alan Belcher vs. Wilson Gouveia- Gonna be super exciting!

Matt Wiman vs. Shane Nelson- Haha I don’t know why but I can’t stand either of these guys…

Johnny Hendricks vs. Ricardo Funch

Rousimar Palhares vs. Lucio Linhares

On a personal note, I’ve been falling asleep like a grandma lately!  I hate it- right in the middle of a movie or even some of the fights!
I work for Wicked during the day on Saturday.  My hope is that I work with a girl who can make my pussy cum so hard that I stay so naturally high all day that I stay awake for the fights! :)
I also hope I get to do some munching of my own- I love eating new pussy!  hee hee :)

Enjoy the fights and don’t forget to log in and comment- I want to hear from you guys!!!!!



UFC 106 Ortiz vs. Griffin Part 2

November 20th, 2009


UFC 106 Here we come!!
This main event is going to be an incredible battle with both Tito Ortiz and Forest Griffin having a lot to prove.

After fighting in April 2006 at UFC 59, Ortiz took the win by split decision over Griffin.  Ortiz dominated Griffin in the first round, but Griffin pulled his weight in 2 and 3.
Everyone who knows Griffin, knows that he comes more and more alive as the fight progresses and the blood spills.  However, Forest promises he will be fighting all 3 rounds in full deadly force this time rather than just the last 2.
I know he brought some of the shit talk on himself for running out of the building after his loss to Anderson Silva- but I just chalk it up to a one time oddity in his career.
Everyone should be allowed to be excused for doing something odd, strange or dumb from others perspectives  at least once lol!
I can’t wait for him to undo the crap talk by knocking the fuck out of Tito’s big ugly head!

After Tito’s brief hiatus from the UFC, I’m expecting a faster, stronger and more explosive Ortiz though …which could be scary.

Both of these guys are beyond hungry for this win in hopes to getting closer to the belt they each have held before.  If this pans out the way I’m expecting, this is sure to be one of the most brutal and exciting fights to date!

As for the co-main event, Koscheck vs Johnson, I’m rooting for Josh Koscheck simply because he is just one of my favs.  I like watching his fights because he’s such a character- and a very underestimated character.

I have also been impressed by Anthony Johnson’s dominance and precision in the past,  so this is going to be another close call.  You just never know til it happens!

The rest of the fight card is pretty solid as well…

Tito Ortiz  vs  Forrest Griffin

Josh Koscheck  vs  Anthony Johnson

Amir Sadollah  vs  Phil Baroni

Luiz Cane  vs  Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Ben Saunders  vs  Marcus Davis

Karo Parisyan  vs  Dustin Hazelett (changed)

Kendall Grove  vs  Jake Rosholt

Paulo Thiago  vs  Jacob Volkmann

Apparently Karo

Parisyan out of his fight. Dana White announced through Twitter that  he would never allow him back in the UFC!  Wow!
I say good riddance- I can’t stand that guy. He always seemed like a jerk off.   I Wonder why he flaked though.

On another note I guess Brock Lensars mystery illness is still going on and apparently getting worse!  I must say this almost, I mean “almost” makes me feel bad for him, but I’m pretty sure once he recovers he’ll start up with his big farm mouth again and say something to urk me all over again- inevitably making me regret saying I ever felt bad for him! lol   But I do wish him well so we can hope to see him finally get beat in the Octagon.  I’d hate to have the only that ever beat Brock be some stupid illness!  That would be such a waste!

I found this for those of you that haven’t read about it….

Team Lesnar: Brock Will Fight Again

Posted Nov 20th 2009 12:40AM by TMZ Staff

Brock Lesnar’s longtime friend and Jiu-Jitsu coach tells TMZ the hospitalized fighter WILL return to the Octagon — and he guarantees Brock will return to battle condition in the next six months.We spoke with Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros — a 7-time World Jiu-Jitsu champ — who tells us the reigning UFC heavyweight champ “is getting better and that is the most important thing … He will be fine and be fighting again within 6 months.”

Medeiros adds, “I can just say that the heavyweights can stop laughing and get ready to start crying because the champion will be back soon.”

As we previously reported, Lesnar had been hospitalized due to a mysterious intestinal disorder. UFC president Dana White claimed the illness is so severe, Brock may never fight again.

So far, Brock has yet to release a comment himself.

Hope you guys enjoy the fights and have a good weekend! I love hearing feedback from you guys so please be sure to share your comments  before and after the fights! :)


UFC 105 -Couture vs. Vera

November 14th, 2009


Another intense lineup in the land of Mixed Martial Arts.  The combinations of exciting fights are endless and they just keep on coming!

Tonight’s main event with legendary Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera is sure to be thrilling!  I think all of us are wondering if Randy has still got “it” or if his time is up.  I think it is more of a question if he can keep up with the new wave of  young up and comers in the UFC.  If Brandon Vera’s cardio and training is superior as it should be to take on such a legend, then he will give Randy a run for his money.

The dynamic between two fighters is always so interesting to see how everything unfolds.  Sometimes in certain fights, the two fighters seem to neutralize each other out and some just intensify or weaken each others strengths.  I can’t wait to see how this fight goes down!

Of course, I am also excited about seeing Swick kick some ass since coming back from his injury.  The last time we saw him fight he was in the best physical condition I think I’ve seen any fighter in!  Dan Hardy is a good component but I’m routing for Quick Swick.

If I had another wish for the night, it would be that Bisping gets knocked out just as embarrassingly as when Henderson dropped his shit talking, disrespectful, cocky mouth to the mat.  Out cold!

If that man would stop being such a punk and just fight, I may actually like him.  It’s funny what you notice about fighters when they “coach” on The Ultimate Fighter.  That show has made me hate fighters I liked before and love fighters I didn’t care for previously.  Such as Rampage and Evans.  Who could dislike Rashad Evans and actually like Rampage after watching the show?!

Anyhow, I’m excited about the fights this Saturday and thank you Dana White for airing the fights on Spike.  I like free stuff although I don’t like the commercials that come with it.  Oh well…  Let me know all your thoughts.  Hope you enjoy!



*Some of Saturday’s fights*

Randy “The Natural” Couture  vs.  Brandon “The Truth” Vera

Mike “Quick” Swick   vs.  Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy

Michael “The Count” Bisping  vs.  Denis Kang

James “Lightning” Wilks  vs.  Matt “The Immortal”  Brown

Ross Pearson  vs.  Aaron Riley